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Sunday , December 17 2017
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Window Screens – The Ultimate Protectors of your home

Window screens have been especially designed by keeping in mind the security and safety of the house. Homeowners possessing this system are quite successful in evading the possible burglary threats. The essence of such systems is the tough and resilient nature of the screen that offers an impenetrable padlock to the intruders, burglars and thieves. The window screens were constructed of steel when they first came up in the market, but now you can choose from vinyl, wooden and tinted glass window screens as well. The wrought iron ones are also quite popular, although they do become difficult to manage with time. Window screens made of different materials have their benefits and also some drawbacks. Thus, it is essential to be mindful of these and establish your exact requirements before proceeding to install window screens for home or workplace.

Steel Window Screens

They are the ideal ones designed for security purposes and they bear an appearance as similar to the insect screens. Due to the innate nature of steel, these screens have the attributes of durability and extreme strength. It is certainly not difficult to operate because they have a smooth surface and require very less maintenance on a regular basis. Due to being extremely robust, these windows cannot be cut open by a knife or a saw easily. Moreover, they really outweigh any machine used by the trespasser. They can resist immense degree of pressure without breaking down or even moving an inch. As mentioned before, although they do bear a barbed, mesh like appearance similar to insect screens;in reality they are much tougher. Basically the steel window screens are a meshwork of steel that allows ventilation and light to pass through but acts as a repellant to insects and intruders. From a distance, they seem like an ordinary wired mesh, but in reality they are immensely strong and work as a solid protection.

Window Screens – The Ultimate Protectors of your home

Wooden Window Screens

Anything wooden in terms of architecture is viewed as something which is traditional and arcane. Such windows have graced many historic buildings and monuments. In recent times people have opted for the wooden window screens because they can be carved into many beautiful designs to match the overall decor of the house. Still, the disadvantages of installing window screens are plenty. Although the class and elegance that they represent is quite unmatched, you will still need constant replacement and repair with these. Also, they are not climate controlled, as wood tends to imbibe water and swell up under damp conditions, making their operation highly difficult. If you really want to opt for wooden window screens, it is wise to lend a galvanized finish of aluminum over the main window area.

Iron and lead Window Screens

These are the ultimate choice for penthouses and barns. These are usually meant for daily operation, they are excessively resistant to all kinds of pests, insects. By nature, iron and lead are very heavy metals, and so they seem perfect as window screens for security purposes. However, they do run a constant risk of rusting and corrosion, which can drastically reduce their appearance and their functionality. If you do want to install them, don’t hesitate to lend a galvanized polish over it.

Vinyl Window Screens

Amongst the contemporary window screens, they rank above all the others. A perfect blend of beautiful finish as well as tough nature, they are the ideal choice of people looking to upgrade their homes to modern styles. These come in various styles and designs. Due to their conditioned surface, settlement of dust and other foreign agents seeping in is very unlikely. To increase its durability further, their surfaces can be polished or re-finished.

Window screens are designed in a manner to suit the user’s requirements in a perfect way.  For more detail on window screens then join us.

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