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Sunday , January 21 2018
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What Kind of Water Heating Unit Should You Consider?

Water heating units are something that most homeowners neglect as part of their normal daily thinking until they suddenly stop working. Most people know the drill: they get up to shower and get ready for work, only to find there is no hot water! Panic sets in when they realise that not only will they not be getting a hot shower that morning, but that they will be up for paying a lot of money for a brand new water heater.

The fact is that there are quite a number of electric water heating units on the market, but one significant development in this area is continuous flow hot water heating systems. Indeed, many people simply call them constant hot water systems, and they have become rather popular in many homes as a cost effective and more convenient way to have all the hot morning showers that one requires!

Why Continuous Hot Water?

Unlike traditional hot water systems where a lot of water sits in a tank and is then heated over a long period of time waiting for use, continuous flow hot water systems offer the following benefits:

  • Convenient: Have you ever showered only to find that the water slowly starts to cool down? This can certainly happen if you have a long shower and drain the heated water in the tank, but it is also the case when you are the last in the family to enter the bathroom. It’s annoying and can definitely put one in a grumpy mood! The best thing about continuous flow hot water systems is that they are hot whenever you need it, at any time of day or night. There is no waiting for a tank to fill, and no waiting for it to heat up. When you turn the shower on, the water will be heated right then and for you to use it. This also means that no one in the family has to worry about taking too much time in the shower. Perhaps a downside if you have bathroom obsessed teens!
  • More Affordable: Not only are continuous hot water systems more convenient, but they also cost less! How is this the case? The fact is that other hot water systems heat water all of the time and keep the water in the tank. This means that electricity is always being used even when no one is using the hot water. By contrast, continuous flow hot water systems only heat the water when you need it. This makes it an on-demand system where you are only paying for electrically heated hot water when you really need it.

Smart for Your Home and Your Bank Balance

Despite the fact that not too many think about the hot water systems in their home, they are vital for our comfort and for our living standards. When our hot water is unavailable, it can cause some real problems in the home. One of the biggest developments in this area in recent years is in continuous flow hot water systems. They heat on demand, save you money, and are simply more convenient and efficient.

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