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Sunday , December 17 2017
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What is a cotton mop? What are the other types?

Cotton mops are widely popular in the households and public places as a cleaning utility. Cotton mop is cheap, efficient and above all, it is eco-friendly because it is biodegradable.

Kitchen spills, unwanted floor marks, dust, dirt and food splatter can be easily removed with the right kind of wet mop. There are several types of wet mop heads available in the market. Knowledge about the available alternatives will put you in a better position to decide the one that serves your purpose aptly.

Cotton mop

A mop with a cotton fiber head is called a cotton mop. It is an ideal choice for cleaning hard surfaces such as tile floors and wooden facets. It serves as a perfect solution for general purpose cleaning and quickly cleans up spills and performs low-to-medium scrubbing jobs. Various types of cotton mops are available in the market, it all depends on the quality of cotton yarn used and the utilities provided on the mop handle. It can be ordinary, standard type or one with self wringing functionality.

  • It can be used wet as well as dry.
  • It is gentle on surfaces and avoids potential scratches and scrape marks.
  • As cotton is a highly absorbent material, it is ideal for cleaning where quick drying is required.
  • Comes at a low cost.
  • Its strength increases when wet
  • Limited shrinkage


  • It requires break-in periods
  • It has comparatively shorter life-span
  • As it is a biodegradable product, there is increased risk of mildew development
  • Not fit for laundry washing
  • Dries slowly, so there is a greater threat for quick deterioration

Rayon Mop

A mop with a head made of rayon fibers is called a rayon mop. It is best for general washing and scrubbing. It is suitable for harsh cleaning activities and those incorporating use of chemicals and disinfectants. Rayon is comparatively more durable and dries fast, this makes it apposite for substantial cleaning works where lesser break-in periods are permitted.


  • Highly absorbent
  • Less break-in period required
  • Resistant towards mildew formation
  • Spreads liquids more efficiently
  • Dries fast
  • Stronger and cleaner yarn


  • It loses strength when wet
  • Applicable to limited floor types
  • Shrinks when laundered
  • Less liquid retention

Synthetic Mop

A mop having head made of synthetic fiber is known as a synthetic mop. Synthetic yarn head is extremely durable and useful for cleaning rough surfaces. It is highly resistant to chemicals and effective for cleaning areas that require tough cleaning with abrasives.


  • Mesh fiber allows the mop to breathe and dry quickly
  • Highly durable. This is the most lucrative aspect of these mop
  • Resistant towards chemicals. Ideal for tough cleaning.


  • Higher cost or initial investment
  • Poor absorbent
  • Somewhat non-breathable if not positioned properly
  • Sensitive towards heat.

Blended Mop

Mops having heads made of blended fiber are known as blended mops. The blended fiber may consist of a mix of rayon, cotton and polyester or just rayon and polyester in appropriate proportions. Because of its long lasting features and other benefits, blended yarn mop is ideally suited for use by cleaning professionals. It is good for general purpose washing and cleaning and also for applying chemicals and disinfectants on various types of surfaces.


  • Highly absorbent
  • No break-in period required
  • Greater versatility and performance
  • Lasts long


  • High cost and initial investment
  • Unless pre-shrunk, it may shrink when wet

Whether you require cotton mop or any other, with so many different types of mops available today, you are at your leisure to select the one that is within your budget and performs according to your expectations.

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