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Sunday , December 17 2017
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Wetting Your Toes in a Brand-New Hot Tub This Summer

Thousands of homeowners chose to invest in hot tubs this year and they felt the magic of these products the first time that they dipped their toes into the water. These exciting additions to the home allow you to take a deep breath and relax after a long day at work or school. With temperatures never quite high enough for a proper swim, many families use this option as a way for them to enjoy the water. If you have the space for a hot tub, you have more than a few benefits to discover after installation. After all, hot tubs are not only compact and personal but they offer owners many amenities that most homeowners fail to consider until after installation.

Year-Long Use

Unlike traditional pools which can only be used when weather is kind, hot tubs, especially a well-chosen Jacuzzi design in Surreycan be used all year long. Swimming pools may be great during especially hot weather but hot tubs may be enjoyed during the summer, winter, autumn, or any other season of the year. You may even bring the hot tub indoors if you have the space, allowing you to enjoy a hot bubbly soak in the water without the biting cold of the winter air. No matter if you look out your window and see half a metre of snow, you can spend the evening in warm comfortable bliss.

Health Benefits

The word spa came about as an acronym for “salus per aquam,” a Latin phrase with the meaning, “health from water”. The hot water in a hot tub can actively increase blood flow in the body, relax stiff muscles, and ease pain. If you were injured in any type of situation, you might have been sent to physiotherapy to help you recover. There, professional therapists use heat as a tool to loosen muscles and aid in the healing process. With a hot tub, you bring that therapy home with you, complete with massaging jets to really work out the tension. Even if you simply have a sore back after a long day, you can save time and money by allowing your hot tub to do the hard work.

Better Sleep

It may come as a surprise to learn that hot tubs may help you get a more effective night’s sleep. Insomnia or restlessness during the night can make getting up the next day difficult even with several cups of tea or coffee. However, just 15 minutes spent in the hot tub about an hour or two before bed can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer. In addition, you should spend more of your time sleeping in the REM cycle, which is something that you need to heal, put the day’s events into long-term memory, and more. It is during that deep cycle of sleep that you recover from most injuries and a simple soak before bed can not only help you sleep more soundly but also help you recover from mental and physical stress. For all these reasons and many more, a hot tub could change your life forever.

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