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Sunday , February 25 2018
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UPVC Door Innovations that Excite

Your doors and windows are an integral part of the building and are also a major source of heat transfer, as you only have a 5mm sheet of glass between the interior and the outside, and when it is warmer on the inside, say hello to condensation, that unwelcome guest that seems to arrive every winter. To a large degree, the heat exchange through the glass has been narrowed down considerably, thanks to double glazed units that are hermetically sealed, which not only reduces heat transfer, it also combats condensation.

Modern Exterior Doors

UPVC has quickly become the material of choice for window and door frames, as it has better thermal qualities than aluminium, and with zero maintenance, you have the perfect material for the harsh Australian climate. One noticeable change in the design sector is the emergence of sliding and bi-fold doors, and with made to measure units, anything is possible. The way a set of doors opens can radically change the character of any room, and double sliding doors can literally bring the garden into your living room. Some people opt for sliding doors the entire length of the wall, which would consist of four panels, with two sliding. This not only makes the room lighter, it also gives you a panoramic view of the garden.

Style Choices

You might have a Tudor style home, and with bespoke bi-folding French doors, you can really enhance the ambience in a stylish and elegant way. Long vertical blinds provide the screening, and with the right lighting, the room is ideal at any time of day or night. Sliding units make for convenience and with no traditional openings, it is a lot safer too.


If your home is fitted with UPVC windows and doors, there is little point in installing a security alarm, as any burglar would simply walk away from the durable UPVC units, and with double glazing, you can forget breaking the glass. Double or triple locking mechanisms ensure your home remains impenetrable, and in this day and age, home security is an absolute must.

Al Fresco Terraces

If you have a large patio, it is no doubt used for entertaining in the summer, and with custom made sliding doors, you can have easy access, and with a choice of colours and finishes, you can become very creative and that idyllic al fresco ambience is suddenly within reach. There are online suppliers and installers of the finest bespoke windows and doors, and a simple search will reveal the whereabouts of a reputable firm in your area.

Front and back doors can be designed and manufactured to exact specifications, and with all your windows matching, your home will take on a dramatic new look and this will significantly add value to the property. The home is a huge investment and the windows and doors make up a large amount of the surface area, so it makes sense to replace old timber frames with the latest generation of UPVC double glazed units.

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