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Sunday , January 21 2018
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Top Reasons to Hire Removers Instead of Doing It Yourself

While it may seem more cost-effective to do your own move, unless you have only a few boxes to handle, the opposite is often the case. It takes time, money, and a lot of muscle to move furniture from a home, onto a vehicle, and then into a new location. Along the way, you may harm your back, damage the furniture, or even damage your car, and the costs of repairs and replacements will be on your shoulders to bear. However, removers take care of every aspect of the move while allowing you to focus on other things, such as where you want your sofa to sit in the new home. By hiring trained workers to do it for you, you can cut down on time, money spent, and frustration throughout the entire process.


Professional removalists are covered by workplace insurance, designed to cover your home during the process of your move. For example, a worker may scratch your walls while moving a heavy piece of furniture into the new home, and the cost to repair those scratches is covered. This also ensures any damage to your furniture, or an injury sustained by one of the workers, is covered too. If you choose to do your own removal, this is not the case if someone is injured during the ordeal. By hiring professionals, you dramatically reduce the chance of anything going wrong and keep yourself covered if anything does go wrong.

Time Saved

Removals in Sydney are performed by trained professionals who know exactly how to handle heavy items. They can move sofas, mattresses, bedframes, and more, out of a home in a fraction of the time it would take you and a friend to do the same work. They can even expertly manoeuvre furniture up and down flights of stairs, meaning you can enjoy a perfect removal service with less time wasted.

In addition, you can choose a van, truck, or full-sized moving vehicle, to ensure you fit everything into one trip. Even if you do have someone with a truck available to help you move, the two of you are unlikely to be able to fit an entire home’s worth of belongings into one drive. Even if you are moving just across town, the petrol costs will quickly add up, and the additional trips take up hours of your time.

Let Them Do the Work

When you hire a professional remover, you get to sit back and watch someone else do all of the hardest work on your behalf. These professionals move furniture, lift boxes, and otherwise make your job as simple as pointing out where you want things to go. These experts believe that you should never be forced to handle the heavy lifting of your move, and they will ensure every single piece of furniture and box is exactly where you want it to be to make that happen. The time, money, and hard work you save yourself will make this type of service a matter of course when the time comes to move.

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