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Sunday , December 17 2017
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Top Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen

There are so many different ways in which people like to clean their kitchens, with hundreds of methods both traditional and modern. It’s always a challenge when it comes to tackling the kitchen for the day, as it’s always a full day’s job. It doesn’t have a to be a difficult, time consuming task however, with some of these helpful cleaning tips you’ll be able to get your kitchen sparkling and fresh in no time.

General Clear Up

It may seem like the most obvious way to clean your kitchen, but having a general tidy up is always the best place to start. It’s so much easier to tackle the rest of the kitchen if it’s neat and tidy when you begin. Throw away any bottles or boxes that are congregating by the recycling bin, check which newspapers you need and don’t need and give everything a quick spruce up, placing anything out of place in its rightful home. This will really make a difference to the way you can clean the rest of the room, as well as lift the atmosphere almost instantly.

Kitchen Cabinets

You can easily clean your kitchen units using dish soap and hot water. Mix the two into a bowl and get yourself a sponge, then wash down your kitchen units until they’re sparkling. Make sure to scrub the cupboard doors especially, as this is often the area that grease and food tends to gather. Once you’ve managed to remove all dirt from your kitchen units, use a dry cloth to wipe down the surfaces to stop any soapy water from leaving behind a dewy mark.

Sparkling Steel

Steel is one of the hardest things to get right when it comes to cleaning. Whilst it’s fairly easy to clean the dirt from the steel, gaining that sparkly, fresh look at the end can be hard when you’re left with some streaky marks that seem impossible to remove. One of the best methods to getting that perfect sparkle on your steel appliances is to mix 1 tbsp. of cream of tartar and a few drops of water together. Using a sponge, rub this mixture all over your stainless steel appliance and then once clean, wipe away any excess mixture with a dry cloth or even kitchen roll. Once you have done this you’ll notice your appliances shining away and looking brand new.


Wooden Chopping Boards

These can often be a struggle when it comes to washing, as they may clean easily but you’re almost always left with a damp looking board that looks dull and lifeless. Using some lemon and salt, rub the two over the wooden board and watch the dirt vanish. This will also bring the colour back to the board and nourish the wood. Remember it’s never advisable to dish wash or soak your wooden chopping board as this can cause the board to warp or crack.

Cleaning the Floor

Dependant on the type of flooring your kitchen has, you can always use some warm water mixed with dish soap. There are also plenty of flooring products available for all different flooring materials, however if you’re wanting to spend as little as possible, then good old fairy liquid and warm water will do the job just fine. Give the floor a good wash with a mop, making sure to get into all of the corners, and then leave it to dry. Once the floor is dry you may want to hoover to simply remove any excess dust or dirt that was missed during the mopping process.

Kitchen Blinds

Kitchen blinds can be a really challenging area to clean, especially when they’re covered in dust. It’s so hard to find the right tool to get in-between the small spaces whilst giving it a good clean at the same time. Use some kitchen tongs, wrapping some cloths around them with rubber bands, and simply run the tongs through each section of the blinds and you’ll notice the dirt coming away perfectly.

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