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Sunday , December 17 2017
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Things to Consider When Building Your Own Steam Room

Steam showers are about as common in the home as spas and saunas, or maybe less. The truth is that people are only now getting to know the benefits of steam showers, spas and saunas. There are now more hot tubs or Jacuzzis in homes than there are steam showers.

Part of the reason is the price; traditional steam showers were built-in units and not the newer modular designs. Also, there is the presumption that steam showers are not a “couple” activity. This is far from being true.

Modular units are bought as a unit, and are assembled on the premises. The only thing needed is to connect the pipes and the electrical wiring. On the other hand, a built-in unit is a room in your home, which will be converted into a steam shower.

Things to Consider About a Built-in Unit

Converting a room, or part of a room, will require some civil work. You will need to have a domed or sloped ceiling to the room so that the steam condensation will flow to the sides, rather than slowly drip to the floor. You will also need to make sure that all sides of the room and the unit’s ceiling are sealed tightly. The seals prevent the steam from escaping the shower stall out into the bathroom, where it can damage plaster and paint. You will also need to install the steam generator. This can be placed under the shower stall, in the attic or the basement. The necessary plumbing should also be addressed accordingly. 

Things to Consider in a Modular Unit

There are several variations of modular steam showers. Broadly speaking, the main categories include: Basic, Deluxe, Combo Shower with Whirlpool and Combo Shower with Sauna.

The Basic model has a steam jet, seat and containers for soap or shampoo. The Deluxe model includes a distribution facility for aromatherapy oil in the steam outlet, multiple water jets, foot massagers, hand held nozzles, radio or intercom, and a remote control to operate the steam room from outside. The combos are the Deluxe model with an added whirlpool bath or sauna. You might want to consider what you really want before deciding to go for either the modular or built-in stall. The more features, and the larger the stall is, the more expensive it becomes.


The pricing for the built-in module will be dependent on the size and the required construction. However, it will definitely take longer to finish construction of the built-in shower module.

Whether you choose to buy the modular unit or build your own built-in shower stall, you will still need the services of a plumber, an electrician, possibly an HVAC technician, and maybe someone to do the masonry work.

Shower stalls help you unwind, and enjoy the fruits of your labour. This may seem expensive, but it is worth the price to be able to relax in your own steam shower.

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