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Sunday , January 21 2018
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The Kitchen Appliances of the Future

When you are looking into remodelling and redesigning your kitchen, you’re probably well aware of the standard types of kitchen appliances. You likely have an oven, a range, a microwave, and possibly a few others. These are the standard appliances every home has to make food; they’re staples because they’re reliable and diverse. However, there are many appliances that have become popular recently that can help you increase the functionality of your kitchen and offer you many more options.

Steam Ovens

Steam ovens are great because they allow you to use wet heat to heat and reheat food. If you have a microwave, you’re familiar with the way microwaves dry out items or make them chewy and tough. That’s because microwaves work by agitating water molecules. That can drive the water molecules out of the food, leaving it tough and dry—this is especially true with bread. A steam oven works by creating a hot, moist environment. You can heat up your food quickly without drying it out; in fact, you can inject more moisture into the food with a steam oven. They are available from some of the best luxury kitchen suppliers in Dorset.

Induction Hobs

Induction cooking has become very popular recently as well. Induction cooking is different from other types of cooking because it does not involve an actual heat source. The induction cooktop works because it creates a rapidly alternating magnetic current. Therefore, you need to have ferromagnetic cooking materials such as steel or iron. The magnetic current alternates rapidly. Each current creates resistance in the metal cooking implement. That resistance causes energy to be lost, which comes out in the form of heat. Therefore, the cooking implement is heated very rapidly. Induction ovens are great because there is no heat created on the cooktop. They’re also very safe for families that have children who like to help with the cooking.

Extractor Hoods

An extractor hood is very popular for many people, especially if you do a lot of cooking or if you have a small kitchen. An extractor hood pulls heat and fumes up through the ceiling and out into the atmosphere. This keeps your kitchen from heating up too rapidly and keeps cooking fumes from wafting into other parts of the house. A reliable extractor hood is a great way to reduce the amount of disruption created by cooking.

These are just three of the most common types of appliances that people are adding to their kitchens. There is much more that is available to you if you talk with a talented supplier. They can supply you with different appliances to make cooking and cleaning easier, and to streamline your kitchen processes.

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