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Sunday , December 17 2017
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The garden broadfork tool: What gift could be more cherished by gardeners?

It is apparent that there are a lot of tools at the disposal of the gardeners, however, the home gardeners only know about a few of these tools. One of these tools that home gardeners do not know about is the broadfork. Well, this is at a disadvantage because the garden broadforks give the possibility of maximizing yields with reduced work input, which definitely improves the nature of your garden’s soil.

Further description of a garden broadfork tool

What are broadforks? These are tools that can be used manually in the garden to introduce air into the soil instead of using a motor operated rototiller. If we have ever seen a wide pitchfork, then just adding a handle to each of its sides would give a great description of the broadfork. Using it is very simple, one just needs to perpendicularly place the tines in the soil, hop onto the crossbar that would allow the tines enter deeper into the ground, and then pull back the handles to lift the soil. Some people might ask why one would consider using a broadfork manually if a motor operated rototiller can do the exact same job? The answer is that the results you get from both pieces of equipment are not the same.

Advantages of the broadfork over its counterparts

Early planting: When the soil is damp, the rototiller definitely has to be kept away. This is because the rototiller would just create some bricks that the roots of plants cannot penetrate and the structure of the soil will get ruined. With the broadfork, one does not have to wait for the rain to stop before aerating the soil for planting. In other words, it comes in handy every season.

Keeping the weeds away: The motor operated rototiller is known for its ability to mix the soil as it works – just the same way it would bring seeds of weeds to the surface of the soil. These weeds seeds can lay dormant beneath the soil surface for years until they get a chance to reach the soil surface where they would germinate in the presence of light. The broadfork gardening tool does not mix the soil together as it works, which gives a guarantee that whichever weed seeds that might be present in the soil would not get a chance to see the light at the surface of the soil.

Noise control: How do the neighbors react whenever the motor operated rototiller is in use? This should be obvious, the broadfork completes the garden work without noise and one can enjoy the peace and the singing birds as the work goes on.

Ease of use: Imagining the use of the broadfork manually might make some gardeners fear. However, this piece of equipment is very easy to use. The deal is that you do not need to lift and stab the soil; all you need is to simply hop on the crossbar that would push the tines into the ground. After this, a little side-to-side movement to adjust your body weight on the crossbar so that the tines go deeper, then you slide the broadfork back letting it finish up the work.

No wonder many gardeners choose this piece of garden equipment over others. Take your time to see more about the broadfork in order to know which would be better for you and your garden.

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