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Sunday , February 25 2018
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The course that makes you the topmost and an experienced builder

Searching for an authorized person for building or renovating your house are more difficult for all the owners. To make the owners delight, there are many online courses which will teach you about the building services. This online course helps you to get completion certificate at the last part of their course. This certificate will declare you as an authorized person for building or starting your construction work. By doing this course, it will benefit you by saving money, controlling your house as per your requirement, and a great satisfaction by building your own. NSW owner builder course through online will guide you with the knowledge of construction work.

What does the course be about?

Understand the strategies or techniques of building your own house at the single place in a single course. This course is also said to be a white card scheme or course. Normally, in Western Australia or Victoria, if you go without a white card, you will be declined or will not be permitted to undergo any construction work by you. So this card will provide safety for every individual who is going to do building or construction work. It is important to hold a white card with you for constructing your own house. This course mainly consists of three topics that are as follows.

  • OHS (Occupational Health and Safety)
  • Cash Flow, Estimating, and Drawing
  • Work management which means how to manage your works

To join NSW owner builder course there are certain rules to be followed like the owner should have above 18 years of the span, should have a residential land, should own certain interest as prescribed, and should have it in mind to remain in the home that is completed.

Discounts and services offered in this course

After completing this course, you have to apply for NSW for getting permitted to owner builder. You can apply this by filling the application through online. You have to submit some other photocopies like,

  • Permit application – This holds the name, DOB, address, kinds of construction work, declaration of the owner and applicant, and other information with supporting documents.
  • Search for a Fair Trading place – Usually, permission is done in the Fair Trading place.
  • Two insurance that protects the owner. One is compensation insurance for voluntary workers and the other is for owner builder regarding Public liability and construction works.

This public liability and construction work insurance provide 10% discount for those who have successfully completed this course. Other than this, this course will facilitate with various services which will be like encouraging the owner. The services offered will be like free services or it will be like a discount. The services may include,

  • Heavy discounts for construction materials like timber, bricks, roofs, and add on.
  • Acting as a legal assistance for a period of 12 months.
  • Free contracts for building
  • Safety management for free.

Build a new home on your own with a valid license and a better knowledge that makes you more satisfied and comfortable.

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