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Sunday , December 17 2017
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The Best Ways To Conduct Black Mould Removal

If your house has mould then you will know that it is simply a nasty thing to have in your home. There are many methods to conduct black mould removal but you must first know a few important things. You will need to know how to find out if you have a mould problem, and if you do, how to find it in your building.

  • Look out for water spots

The first step towards black mould removal is to find out the source of water that is leaking. You should know that mould will grow where there is water so if you have any water spots in your home, that’s probably where it is growing. You will now need to remove the source of the moisture. This is the best way to eliminate black mould otherwise they will reappear after you remove them.

Have any sources of water from leaky tapes or pipes fixed. This will help to cut off the main source of nutrition for mould. You will definitely not want them to appear again after all of your efforts you put into its removal.

  • Get the necessary protection

Don’t attempt any form of black mould removal without first protecting yourself. Mould release spores which can cause breathing problems if inhaled, so you will need to get yourself a face mask. You should also be sure to wear clothes and gloves to avoid any areas of your skin coming into contact with the spores.

You should also seal the room that you are performing the removal in, to avoid the spores from spreading to other parts of the house. They are airborne so they can easily be blown to other areas to grow again if you are not careful.

  • Getting the right weapons and ammo for the job

Now that you have fixed the source of water for the mould and protected yourself, it’s time to begin the attack. The first thing to do with any black mould removal is to use soap and a sponge, and to clean any visible mould off the walls or floor. If the area where the mould is growing is dry, you should lightly spray the area with some water first, to avoid the spores going airborne.

Once you have wiped the area clean, you should then use cleaning agents that are designed to help you remove black mould. These products can often be found in home repair stores and hardware shops. This helps to disinfect the affected area but be careful if you are using bleach as you don’t want to damage your home in the process of cleaning.

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