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Sunday , December 17 2017
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Swimming Pool Tips to Make Your Pool Completely Safe

No one wants an accident to occur, however they invariably do occur for all swimming pool owners. The best way for you to prevent as many incidents as possible is to follow strict swimming pool safety tips which must be followed by anyone using the pool. As a pool owner, it truly is your responsibility to know the hazards of the water as well as the best way to prevent them. Here are a few tips that will guide you in making your swimming pool as safe as possible, learn more about pool safety here.

Pool Covers and Nets

Pool covers and nets will greatly improve child safety. They are placed over the pool when not in use and are not able to be removed by young children. As a pool owner, it is highly recommended to have a pool cover and net, especially if you have young children.


By having a fence, you have designed a physical boundary that will keep most children out. It is important that your child doesn’t learn how to unlatch or open the gate and that the entrance is locked at all times,when you can’t be near the pool to watch your child swim. There are techniques to secure your fence so that older children that can reach the latch can’t open the actual gate either, such as having a locking mechanism with a key or a combination lock. You can also install an alarm on the fence which will go off if the gate is opened.

Constant Supervision

If it’s you, your spouse or another grown-up that you trust, there should be supervision around your swimming pool when people are using it. A supervisor should be near the pool who knows how to swim sufficiently and can help a child or another person in case of an accident.

Have a Phone Near By

A cordless telephone could almost be considered a need when you have a swimming pool. Incidents only take a few seconds to happen. The time it would take for you to walk inside and answer any phone call is all it could take for something fatal to take place. Also, having a phone nearby will help if something does occur while you’re around and you must call for emergency help.

Flotation Devices

Although children that can’t swim should have a safety device like arm floats or life vests, you should never rely on these to prevent a child from accidentally drowning. Never allow your child to be able to swim alone with these devices. Make sure you can reach your child at all times when he/she is in the swimming pool.

Permission slips

Because swimming is most exciting when there are other people around, you will likely want to have friends over to swim with your children. As opposed to not allowing this, ensure you have permission slips for every single child you allow inside of your pool. Also, you must ensure that each child can swim by talking with their parents.

Deep and Shallow Ends

Because there are people that can’t swim, it’s often wise to incorporate some sort of indication of where the particular pool is too deep for those to reach. Make sure both children and adults understand that the deep end is only for people that can swim.


As you are the supervisor of the swimming pool, your job is much like a lifeguard’s. You should know how to appropriately perform CPR. There are many places you can learn CPR and just by knowing this you could save a life.


As the owner of the pool the rules are created by you. Post the rules and principles around the pool so everyone is aware of them. Never be too lenient about the rules because safety is imperative.

You should also ensure that any swimming pool chemicals are out of reach of children. These chemicals can easily be stored in a shed which only you have access too.

Pool safety is imperative to ensure everyone is safe. By following the above tips you are well on your way to making your pool and surrounding environment a safe place for everyone to enjoy.

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