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Sunday , December 17 2017
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Sunny Isles Real Estate—”The Hottest Spot North of Miami Beach”

All great cities go through metamorphoses.  Rome, “The Eternal City,” has seen its landscape change time and time again over the centuries, with everything from the Roman Coliseum to mighty basilicas to iconic Trevi Fountain, which instantly evokes images of the Federico Fellini’s masterpiece La Dolce Vita.  Miami has, likewise seen the centuries pass her over, with every element of its past and present represented today, from centuries-old Spanish-themed settlements to its glorious beaches, Museum Park and the many locations made famous by Miami Vice.

One thing that hasn’t changed about Miami, however, is its overall appeal and desirability.  Miami today stands as one of the chicest cities in America, with a growing population, a unique multicultural and international flavor, and all with a beautiful view of the sea, sand, and street after street of famed night clubs where everyone from world champion athletes to world caliber singers and artists have left their mark.

In short, Miami is one of the hottest relocation destinations in the US today, and can help you make your sun-drenched dreams of prime beachfront penthouse properties a reality.  This is especially true regarding the many different penthouses and suites available via Sunny Isles real estate.  We service a great many different distinguished international buyers, from the UK to Colombia, Canada, Hong Kong and back again.  We recognize the importance of presenting an image of luxury and decadence to friends and potential business partners alike.  A good, attractive home always reflects well upon its owner.  The more impressive the property, the more impressed potential partners are to be—romantic, platonic, businesswise or otherwise.

One of the particular strengths of our Sunny Isles real estate branch are Miami-area penthouses.  Our team of trained specialists, including Michelle T. Sterling herself, have an intimate knowledge of the Greater Miami Area as well as the many ways in which a house can be made into a home—and, indeed, a domestic work of art!  With Sunny Isles Real Estate, you can expect assistance and input from the finest interior designers, stylists, stagers, and general contractors in the Greater Miami Area, all dedicated to helping you make your new penthouse into something special.

Of course, before any of that can begin, you need to find a good property, and a great deal.  They don’t call it “luxury” property because it tends to run cheap, after all.  That being said, Sterling Real Estate can help you find the best deals on penthouses and luxury condominiums in the area.  At first blush, prices in Miami can run into five or even six digits for some of these properties, but with the proper luxury realtor, you can find yourself in possession of a good deal, and an even better property.  What’s more, our realtors, including Ms. Sterling herself, speak multiple languages—extremely useful in a city as multicultural as Miami.

Whatever your preference and wherever you want to live, Sunny Isles Real Estate can help ensure that you do so with all the luxury and passion that you’d expect from “the Hottest Spot North of Miami Beach!”

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