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Sunday , December 17 2017
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Smart Ideas to Steal For a Chic Apartment

Most people are unhappy with the size of their homes, especially those who live in small, its apartments. Often enough American apartments are sold or rented for fabulous sums of money, especially in big cities like New York, Washington, Chicago or Los Angeles, without offering comfort or enough space. However, people should not despair as there are plenty of solutions of turning any apartment into a true work of art, even without the help of a specialized interior designer. Roman Magnus is a reputed tailor who started his sewing career trying to create the perfect environment in his atelier. Left with a small space, hundreds of ideas to incorporate and a small budget stimulated his creativity and determined him to think of smart, yet simple and chic solutions to make the best out of the available space.

Bear in mind the tips from Roman Magnus Palatine IL and you too can benefit from a redecorated and exuberant atmosphere:

  • The first rule to make the most of your apartment space is to not crowd it with unnecessary things. Basement closets and storage rooms were specifically invented for this purpose, thus it is no need for you to keep your bike chained to your living room’s poll if you are only going to use ittwice a year.apartment_design_ideas_
  • If you cannot paint your apartment walls, you can easily paint your furniture. Wood furniture can capture an antique, vintage yet captivating look with a small polish. Moreover, let your creativity fall and design pattern, objects and silhouettes to bring your favorite furniture pieces into prominence.
  • Embrace the wonders of open storage. One of the greatest inventions of the 20th century is, by far, stainless steel. Opt for an industrial metallic shelving unit and store anything you want, from tableware and kitchen tools to shoe boxes. Such metal frames are extremely appropriate for kitchens and bathroom. Replace them with colorful baskets inside your rooms to store all your essentials.
  • Add a stylish entry. If your apartment lacks the space for a conventional entry, you can easily make one out of a bookcase. Remove the top shelves and add hooks on the framing to hang your clothes. Bottom shelves can be left for you to storage your everyday shoes or other accessories like umbrellas.
  • Turn awkward apartment features into your own benefit. Odd corners and narrow closets can easily earn space and utility as storage places. Cover them with chic and colorful curtains which are versatile and fun.

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