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Sunday , February 25 2018
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Selecting a multifunctional nut gatherer: Appreciate appetizing garden nuts

What kind of additives do you prefer? Well, the pecans and nuts are not just yummy; they also have a high value of nutrition. They come in handy when the need calls for a fruit that possesses several vitamins such as B6 and E, other microelements – magnesium, copper and zinc. Another great benefit that cannot be ignored is the great taste.

Don’t we just wish that getting these nuts is as easy as consuming them? The truth is that nurturing the trees might not be much of a big deal, but we can’t say the same about harvesting the nuts. In as much as it looks like easy work, it is monotonous and takes a whole lot of time. Walking around the yard, seeing a nut, picking it up and throwing in your bucket – this doesn’t sound like much fun when you are planning to harvest over 5000 nuts from a yard. We all must have heard about the nut picker upper, it exists so that no one in his right senses would have to suffer such devastatingly monotonous exercise. For the sake of gardeners that wish to omit the unnecessarily strenuous task and rather spend more time in the kitchen with the nuts, offers several options of nut picker uppers that can handle the job.

The design and operation mechanism of the nut gatherer

This is a series of the elegantly designed garden tool with multi-functionality and ease of use. The level of satisfaction one gets from using the nut picker upper can never be compared with manually harvesting nuts in the garden. You can say goodbye to a backache and pinpricks because you no longer need to squat or bend over to pick up hundreds of nuts. All you are required to do is roll this tool over the ground to collect all nuts along the way and then empty the content of the cage into a bucket when done.

The design of this tool consists of two major features, which are a long handle that is attached to a tangled fiber cage in form of a sieve. The lightweight and durability of this tool are a result of the quality of steel and plastic material used in its making. In other words, you do not have to be bothered about collecting a lot of nuts with it – this is what it was designed for.

Utilizing a nut picker upper: the advantages

One of the greatest benefits of using a nut harvester is that it is fast and it saves the time and effort put into collecting the numerous nuts of a substantial harvest. When in use, one tends to forget that this is work because it is so easy that you easily consider it a walk in the garden. Now you don’t need to bother about missing a noticeable amount of nuts as you used to when picking with your bare hands. The nut gatherer simply collects all nuts on its way as you roll over the garden floor.

Collecting all nuts in the garden is just one part of the job; the nut gatherer ensures that these nuts are collected leaving behind twigs and leaves. One thing to know is that there is a wide variety of nut gatherers in different shapes and sizes meant for different kinds of nuts. So you should do a little homework to ensure that you select the one that would suit you and your harvest the most. Continue to enjoy the nutritional constituent of your fruits without having to worry about the work invested in harvesting them.

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