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Sunday , January 21 2018
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Roof Restoration: Choosing It Over Other Methods

Every house owner should know that every kind of roof requires a scheduled inspection at least twice every year. The routine maintenance should be done preferably in the spring and the fall. These inspections can actually save you money that you may have to spend on major repairs later due to poor maintenance. You can easily avert any major expense with a minor one through regular inspection of your roofing. Damage or water infiltration can lead to the roof’s aging. In some cases, you may also need to replace it. This situation is now handled with Roof restoration.

This process of restoration for your roof can actually save money and also provide a proactive method to prolong the lifetime of your roofing system. From research results and analysis, the restoration of your roofing will upgrade the performance of your own roof and identify any defect of your entire roofing system. In most cases, a new top coat is applied to the roof for offering it strength to withstand the potential hazards that maybe caused by the harsh weather.

Steps of Roof Restoration

There are various steps of roof restoration involved and it depends on the condition of the roofing system that needs restoration. The following steps are common:

  1. Roof Inspection:

Through a roof inspection, you can identify various flaws on your current roof like loose or broken tiles and gutters, water damage, ridges, moss, damaged flashing, pointing or bedding, lichen etc.

  1. Roof Cleaning:

Usually, all residents ignoring the dirt and dust on their roofing can face issues with the roof’s health in the near future. They may have to bear an expensive method of repairing or roof replacement. This is why cleaning dirt, moss, algae and also lichen from the tiles is important.

  1. Ridge Capping:

You may have a roof with loose tiles that may soon dislodge and fall from its place. That is why roof restorationfor full repointing in case of loose caps and rebidding is very cost effective.

  1. Protection Against Elements:

Through time, your roofing system may suffer from fungi and algae. This is why rinsing the gutter and the roof is important. Sometimes, it can be highly effective to make use of the coating of an anti-fungal biocide.

  1. Final Roofing:

At the end, a complete coating is done, after which a coating of roof membrane is done. This is done to increase the stability and durability of the roofing system.

Why Choose Roof Restoration?

Most of the people ask that why they should choose roof restoration over other methods? There are several reasons to justify the same:

  • This method is very cost effective. If you have denied the requirement of a proper roof inspection and small repairing of your roofing system for a long time then you must face a consequence of complete roof replacement. This is very costly and require a huge amount of material and labor also.
  • Restoring your roofing system can add up to the original lifetime of the roof with about 10 to 15 years. This way you can keep your roofing system attached and avoid complete replacement of your roof.
  • Roof restoration is an eco-friendly method of repairing the roofs. There is tons of roofing waste that gets accumulated after roof replacement which can be avoided by adopting this process.
  • Restoration of your roof is counted as a maintenance expense where replacement is counted as a capital expense. You will have to pay less tax for maintenance expense obviously.
  • It is a clever way to avoid a huge expe Your roof may not function at all if you continuously avoid its deterioration.

In the beginning, you may not find any visible damage with it. But that should not stop you from a regular inspection and opt for roof restorationat least twice every year. It will prolong your roof’s lifetime.

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