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Sunday , December 17 2017
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Roof Leak Repairs canprevent a Catastrophe

A roof that suffers from storm-related damage is not going to get better on its own. Repair work needs to be done to keep the damage from spreading and getting worse. A roof is intended to protect the home from the top down. As the structure of the roof weakens, so does the ability for the roof to protect a home. The inflicted damage does not necessarily come from anything out of the ordinary. The inability of the roof to keep water from leaking is more than enough to create a very dangerous situation.

Patchwork is Ill-Advised

A leak here and a leak there might not be an isolated problem. Treating it as such could prove to be a very bad plan in the long term. Using liquid patch solutions – the ones found inside tubes designed to fit in a chalking gun – is fine for a minor problem such as a loose shingle and nail.

When a roof is starting to fall apart due to damage, a series of small, noticeable leaks can be fixed with patchwork. Doing so would be a terrible idea. The reason is there is no minor problem present. The roof itself is in need of major repairs. Sections may even have to be replaced. Patching up a hole here or there does nothing to stop new holes from manifesting. In short, patchwork won’t do anything to stop water from rain or snow from entering the home. Legitimate, professional roof leak repairs in Dallas TX would be the only way to assess and address the situation.

The Structure is at Risk

As the wood in the roof and the surrounding components continue to soak up water, the wood is going to become weaker and weaker. In time, severe structural damage becomes a possibility if the roof is not repaired quickly and properly.

Leaking water runs and spreads. The window frames, for example, may absorb water and start to rot. Not only would the roof have to be replaced, so would the frames. And that is only if the problem is caught in time. A collapsed roof is going to destroy the windows and anything else it lands on top of.

The chances of a roof collapsing increase the longer the leaks are ignored and proper roof repair work is not done.

The rafters holding up the roof are made of wood. As leaking water drips onto the rafters, the wood slowly begins to rot. The weight of the rotting roof is not stressing the rotted rafters. Once the rafters go, the roof is going to collapse. The damage to property – while serious – may pale in comparison to the harm that may befall anyone who is hit by debris.

Don’t Delay on Repairs

At the first sign of dripping water, call in a professional who handles roof leak repairs in Dallas TX. This way, a full inspection can be performed and the right amount of repair work can commence. A home may end up being saved from a lot of damage this way.

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