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Sunday , January 21 2018
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Quartz Worktops: An Eco-Friendly Choice for your Kitchen

While thinking about changing the look of your kitchen, the most luring option is replacing the countertops. When replacing worktops, it is a smart option to opt for an eco-friendly worktop. Eco friendly worktops are affordable and offer a luxurious look to your place. The last decade has witnessed an increase in the number of people renovating their home with eco-friendly worktops.

Some of the green kitchen countertops focus on recycled content, less toxic sealers and eco-friendly manufacturing processes. But, in the process it is essential to select durable worktops so that you won’t have to worry in replacing again in a couple of years. In the list of eco-friendly worktops, quartz worktops qualify to be number one. Quartz work surfaces are one of the most desirable work spaces in London.

Quartz countertops, an engineered stone is a combination of both robustness and attractiveness of stone with the benefit of durability that modern technology can bring. Since they are man-made, these worktops are attractive and cleaner. This material is hard and sealed which also makes it non-porous. This binding helps in preventing cracks and in turn turning them to be strong. Microban, one of the main constituent elements, is added with resin to prevent the microbial growth on brands such a Silestone.

Available in abundance in the planet, they are commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms. These are available in a variety of colours and patterns to add to the aesthetic appearance of your home space.

Below is a list of reasons which makes Compac quartz worktops the most preferable worktops. Read below.

Wide range of colour options

Compac quartz worktops are the best option when it comes to colour options. They are available in a plethora of colours and designs to give an appealing look to your kitchen space. You can opt for them according to the colour combination of your kitchen. However, it is important that you protect them from exposure to direct sunlight. Else, they may present colour variation if exposed, with the passing of time.

Incomparable durability

Compact quartz worktops are the most durable materials in comparison with others. Scratch and stain resistant, this material is the most preferred material worktop in London. This engineered product is designed so uniquely that it becomes almost impossible for it to get scratch or chip. Compac quartz Nature range is an eco-friendly range suitable for all, more so for those seeking for long-lasting surfaces.

Non-porous Surface

Another reason why Compac quartz worktops can be a good choice is because of its unique quality of being non-porous. Completely stain proof, the surface refrains from soaking in most liquids like oil, water, coffee etc. These surfaces are already sealed and thus, do not require sealing. These surfaces are one such surface which do not require much maintenance and generally can be used just the way you want.

Ideal for Bathroom and Kitchen

Compac quartz worktops are ideally preferable for both bath and kitchen spaces. Its uniqueness of being non-porous makes it impossible for the growth of bacteria and other germs. In comparison, other materials are not as suitable.

The above reasons prove that this material is an eco-friendly option not only for your kitchen but also for your bath space.

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