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Sunday , February 25 2018
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Portable Buildings: Popular Uses

Portable buildings are used by many across the country each and every day in the UK, for a plethora of things. When it comes to portable buildings, people are provided with so many options – able to choose from design, size, style and so much more, meaning that there are now really portable buildings to suit all individuals’ needs and demands, no matter what they may be.  But what are the most popular uses for these buildings? Keep on reading to find out…

Popular Portable Building Uses

Construction sites: Constructions sites, especially those in which are a bit out of the way often choose to hire portable buildings. Portable buildings re able to provide construction places with a places to go to the toilet (porto loo), have a shower (portable shower units), relax, eat their lunch and even have team meetings. When portable buildings are hired in these scenarios it can be great for business as it means that people don’t have to spend copious amounts of time going to and from site, and instead can stay on site from when they start in the morning until it is time to go home.

Schools: There are a few different reasons why schools and other educational establishments choose to use portable buildings, however two are definitely more common than the rest, and these are:

  • One reason why schools choose opt to obtain portable buildings is to use while they are doing up other parts of the school – this means that lessons and everyday activities can be continued as normal without pupils having to miss out.
  • Another reason why school choose to obtain portable buildings is expansion – realising that they add additional space to their buildings quickly and with minimal hassles – not even having to close the school for a day.

Shops: Clever store owners across the country are transitioning from traditional buildings to portable buildings – Portable buildings open up so many more options for shops, allowing them to move from place to place in order to receive the maximum amount of custom, never having to stay in one place or having to face quiet periods. If a location isn’t working, they can simply move, move and move again. These shops are typically referred to as ‘pop-up shops’.

These are of course only three of the popular uses for portable and modular buildings; there are of course many more and endless possibilities. If you have a portable building and use it for anything other than the three things that we have listed, do not hesitate to let us know and share your pictures!

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