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Sunday , December 17 2017
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Popular bathtub designs to enhance bathing comfort and safety

For most people, it is a bathroom designed with modernity and sophistication is the best place for relaxation and enhancing the glory of a modern bath is what a bathtub primarily does. Homes today are more than just a shelter and are built keeping all factors into concern which can give the residents a luxurious stay. Coming to a luxurious stay, how can you miss out the bathroom? Today bathrooms are designed carefully with the best quality fixtures and finishes making them look like an extension of the living room. In such a scenario, it is a must to select your piece of luxury bathtub keeping the bathroom considerations into adherence because a wrong choice can spoil your bathing mood.

3 popular types of luxurious bathtubs

Now what is it that make bathtub luxurious? Well it is the features it come with which make the bathing tubs luxurious and fitting your requirements. To quench your thirst of installing a luxurious bathtub, a number of trusted brands have come up with their exotic bathtub designs, each differing and excelling from the other with their own specifications.  Their quality, durability, finishes and design are what serve as factors for their popularity. While there are many types popular, but the bathtub types which are most popular areclaw foot bathtubs, Walk-in bathtubs and garden bathtubs.

Claw foot bathtubs: These are quite popular for their elegant Victorian design and style which has successfully passed the time test. Claw foot tub’s oblong shape is chosen to give you greater comfort. On an addition, there are a number of faucet attachments coming with massage features which you enjoy with this type of tubs.

Walk in bathtubs: These bathtubs are made specially for accessibility. For those people who find it difficult stepping into and up in the regular bathtub, walk-in bathtubs have been made. What a walk-in bathtub does to offer this facility is ensure access to the bathtub via a side door which opens for one’s entry. These bathtubs also can be equipped with dual sets along with whirlpool jets thus giving you a refreshing bathing experience each day.

Garden tubs: These tubs are round in shape and large in size made specially for soaking. It is the large size which is looked upon by most as a prominent feature of a garden bathtub. Along with this size consideration, it also can be equipped with various features to enhance your bathing experience, one of which is assembling the whirlpool jets.

Select a style as per the bathroom dimensions

There are a lot many types available in the market but before you end up selecting one, you need to make sure that you have enough space available for the same to fit comfortably in the bathroom. Hence you need to measure the bathroom dimensions before getting a bathtub for installation. If you have a small bathroom, then you need to be highly carefully about the selecting of the tub, whereas if you have a large bathroom, then you enjoy the freedom to go for any design and be creative with the choice. Try out the trendy gothic styled, Victorian era or vintage themed baths. As you start exploring, you will also come across various other themes and a luxury bathtub matching it.

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