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Sunday , December 17 2017
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Need a Plumber in surrounding areas?

Any system that conveys fluids for a wide range of applications falls under the plumbing category .Heating and cooling, waste removal, and potable water delivery are among the most common uses for plumbing. Plumbing utilizes pipes, valves, plumbing fixtures, tanks, and other apparatuses to convey fluids. In the developed world, plumbing infrastructure is critical for public health and sanitation.

Common plumbing issues in homes:

Some of the more common plumbing problems that we see on a daily basis include

Dripping Faucets

A dripping faucet could be caused by a multiple issues with the faucet body and the hardware inside. Best bet for a leaking faucet is to either replace any of the washers or O-rings if possible, change out the faucet cartridges, or just replace the entire faucet body.

Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a common problem. Frozen pipes happen because the pipes in the home are not properly insulated from the wind and cold. As a result, whenever the temperature drops the water inside the pipes freezes and could cause the pipe to burst which will create a huge mess whenever the pipe thaws.

Well Pump Malfunctioning

In most of homes in rural areas where city water cannot be accessed a well pump is used. A well pump may stop working for a few reasons including switches, wiring problems, or the pump may just need repaired or replaced.

Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet is a very common plumbing issue that get calls all the time. An object stuck in the toilet causes the blockage usually. Your handy plunger will be not up to the task of unclogging your toilet more often but sometimes you may have a snake run through it to clear the clog or need to have the toilet removed.

Clogged Drain

A clogged drain is a very common problem in homes just like a clogged toilet. The clog can be caused by roots in the drain system, grease buildup, freezing of the drain (if it’s cold enough), material that shouldn’t be flushed such as  paper towels, diapers, wipes and other items that aren’t flushable and collapsed pipe.

Leaky Pipes

Pipes, which are leaking, are caused by faulty connections & corrosion or welds to the water pipe system.

Burst Pipes

When a pipe freezes or is under pressure from a clog then pressure in the water line happens. Pipes wear down over time & make them more susceptible to getting pinholes or completely bursting without much warning.

Gas Leaks

Gas pipes can get small leaks that quickly become deadly with the smallest spark without regular examinations.

What are the best plumbing services in the Toronto Area?

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