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Sunday , February 25 2018
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Looking for the Ideal Window Treatment?

When you live in Perth, you need protective window treatments. This usually comes in the form of a shutter; more specifically, homeowners choose plantation shutter designs. This type of window furnishing not only safeguards your property from inclement weather but it is also made to enhance the looks of your interior or exterior.

A Popular Product in Perth

That is why plantation shutters are a popular product in Perth. You can choose this practical and decorative accessory in fixed, sliding, and bi-fold designs. The slats are featured in 63 millimetre, 89 millimetre, and 114 millimetre sizes and come with either a hidden bar or classic tilt bar in the back.

High-Quality Timber

Many homeowners like plantation shutters that are made from basswood. Basswood, which is extracted from the linden tree, displays a pale-toned hardwood finish with a low grain factor. Therefore, this type of wood is an ideal species to use for staining or painting. Another type of wood that is used for the shutters is Canadian western red cedar. This wood is noted for its softly hued red-brownish appearance, its distinctive scent, and its natural resistance to decay.

Wood-Look Shutters

If you live in a damp or humid locale, you may want to choose affordable shutters in Perth that are made of imitation wood. These shutters, which normally feature polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in their design, replicate the looks of natural wood. If you are concerned about infestation or problems with warping, these types of shutters are recommended selections.

Aluminium Shutters

Another material used in the construction of plantation shutters is aluminium. You can place shutters made with this material on the inside or outside of your house. Usually, shutters made with aluminium are used to enclose a balcony, patio, or veranda. These particular shutters are made in bi-folding, sliding, and hinged styles. The lockable shutters are also available in various blade widths and are powder-coated in a wide range of finishes.

Choosing aluminium shutters will enable you to control your light and add to your privacy. These shutters also offer adjustable ventilation and a low-maintenance design. If you are seeking external shutters made of aluminium, you will find that they meet your criteria for durability.

Resisting the Extremes in the Weather

Aluminium external shutters are made to resist weather extremes and can be configured according to your exact design requirements. As you can see, you can adapt your shutters to your home’s architectural style and keep it protected at the same time.

Shutters are a popular window furnishing in Australia because they are as versatile as they are functional. Whether you use them on the inside or outside of your home, you will never tire of them with respect to appearance and operation. Take a look today at the offerings online. Customise your shutters to match your exterior or décor.

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