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Sunday , February 25 2018
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Latest Technology Trends in Refrigerators

Technology is a very dynamic field, and this keeps on moving forward and there are constantly new developments taking place which greatly change the face of any product and at times even has the power of leading the human civilisation in a new direction. With thefast-moving pace of technology, the machines as a result are also growing and becoming smarter, more efficient, fast in their respective processes and very much easier to control. These new machines are now much more reliable than they ever were, and they are being made mode user friendly not only in terms of their usage but also in terms of their burden on the customers pockets in terms of both the initial cost and the running cost. The latest trends in terms of technology in the best refrigerator in India are as follows:

  • Smart temperature: The refrigerators of LG are made in such a way that they can vary their temperature as per the changes in situation like constant opening of the refrigerator door which might lead to decrease in compressor efficiency thus, the refrigerator already compensates for this and variates the temperature accordingly. Even in double door refrigerator where cooling mechanism is slight different this technology is present for both the doors.
  • Wi-fi connected door: Samsung introduced a new product into the market which had a very new feature this new refrigerator has wi-fi connected door. There is a LCD screen which not only has controls but also is the display screen of the internally placed cameras. Now you can check the interiors of the fridge without even opening it in the showroom. This is very excellent feature as the constant opening of the fridge leads to less efficiency thus this will help to increase the efficiency of the refrigerator while running.
  • The introduction of deep learning technology: The Samsung refrigerators are going to be equipped with a deep learning technology. Now the question that arises is that what is this deep learning technology. Well, deep learning is a type of artificial intelligence which processes and memorises the situations and reactions. It has the ability to analyse, learn and react to various situations efficiently maybe not better than human but it does all the more has that feature.
  • Humidity controls: There are products in the market which are equipped with feature to control the humidity in the air inside the refrigerator which is a very good feature keeping in mind that due to the presence of excess moisture inside the fridge leads to excessive frost formation and this reduces the cooling because being an insulator of heat. And when moisture is required for the green or leafy vegies then it is there to keep them fresh for longer periods.
  • Inbuilt hygiene features:Many upcoming refrigerators are coming with technologies which have a mode for killing the bacterial and pathogens or not letting the bacteria or pathogens from entering in the first place which results in the things kept inside to be fresh and preserved for a longer period of time.

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