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Sunday , February 25 2018
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Landscaping Services Should Include Hardscaping and Drainage

When you are enhancing your landscape, you need to consider more than just the garden and plants. Whilst it is important to consider how your plants look, how you edge your walks, or present flowerbeds, you still need to factor in other features as well.

For example, the landscaper with whom you work should also provide services that cover the building and care of walls, steps, and paving. Drainage services should be featured as well. Walls for a landscape not only add privacy, they enhance the architectural design of a house as well. They also serve as a backdrop for various flowers and bushes. Some of the materials used for walls include flagstone, stone blocks, concrete, timber, or bricks.

Paving Ideas

You also want your landscaper to offer installations in the form of steps. Steps that can be integrated into your yard can be made of brick or stone pavers. In addition, services for landscaping in North Shore should include paving services. Paving can take one of various forms, including concrete, clay pavers, cobblestone, and flagstone. Resilient subgrades can also be included to add to the longevity of a pavement.


Drainage is an important consideration as a system can be used to direct the water flow and reduce erosion. Remedial and subsurface drain systems can also be incorporated in damp areas of a yard.

A landscaper who is fully committed to the landscaping process offers the following services and amenities:

  • Garden design, including restoration
  • Site work and drain systems
  • Walls made of brick, timber, stone, or concrete
  • Paving in the form of stone, brick, and concrete
  • Installations of edging and steps
  • Turfing and planting

Landscape Services

The services mentioned above should all be included on the menu of quality landscape services. If a landscaper cannot offer plant care along with hardscaping and drainage services, you need to find a company that includes these extra options.

Again, a landscape is more than just plants, trees, and a lawn. It encompasses installations that support the look of the greenery and increase the value of the terrain. Landscapes, when well-managed, offer the property owner a number of amenities. These amenities include the following:

  • The reduction of noise. The addition of plants and lawns dramatically reduce sound. In fact, the sound is reduced by as much as 30%.
  • Grasses in lawns absorb carbon monoxide, breaking it down to carbon and oxygen. A lawn that measures 15 x 15 metres produces oxygen in an amount that can take care of the needs of four people in a family.
  • Grasses also capture smoke particles, dust, and other airborne contaminants.
  • Turf-grasses lower the amount of runoff, which also reduces erosion.
  • Installed pathways improve walkers’ memories and enhance their attention span. The practice also reduces high blood pressure and stress.

Make sure you choose the right landscape company – one that offers all of the services mentioned above.

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