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Sunday , December 17 2017
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Installing a Patio Can Increase Your Living Space

Today, concrete services can be invaluable as you can increase your living space or improve your outdoor area through the addition of concrete slabs or the restoration of footpaths. If you choose to restore or construct a patio, you can increase your living area so you can entertain or relax outside.

A patio is a longer-lasting installation or home improvement as it will not warp or rot as a wood deck will. Plus, patios made of concrete are now trending as they provide a number of well-noted advantages. Not only are concrete patios a versatile addition but they are also durable, environmentally-friendly, and easy to maintain.

A Versatile Material

Because of the design versatility of concrete, one patio does not look the same as another. With the recent innovations in stamping tools and colouring methods, patios that are made of poured-in-place concrete are even more versatile. Concrete can be readily formed into a number of shapes, permitting you to accommodate certain space restrictions or add attractive curves. With the use of certain colouring methods and stains, homeowners can realise one of a number of attractive hues, which they can match with their home’s stone façade or fuse with the natural landscape.

Besides versatility, concrete is known for its ruggedness. Therefore, a patio installed by such companies and professionals as DLL Contracting labour hire can withstand the elements. Concreters often take special measures to ensure the strength and durability of the patios they create.

When you compare a concrete patio to natural stone or separate masonry paving units, the material’s solid and smooth surface makes it easier to maintain. Unlike paving stones, concrete does not display sand-filled joints where weeds and grass can easily sprout. Pavers can settle unevenly as well, which can lead to a tripping hazard.

Cleaning Concrete

When it is compared with a wood deck, a concrete patio can save a homeowner the labour of resealing or staining annually. The material is also impermeable to termites, splintering, and wood rot. In order to clean concrete, rinse the debris or dirt off with a pressure water or garden hose. Apply a small bit of dish soap to the surface and scrub with a push broom. Rinse well with a pressure washer or garden hose, making sure not to leave any sign of soapsuds. Air-dry the surface or use a leaf blower to pick up the leftover moisture.

If you are sealing a stamped or coloured concrete patio, never apply the sealer to a wet or damp surface. Apply the sealer with a roller in small section to ensure full cover. The sealer should be applied when the ambient temperature is above 13 degrees Centigrade. The best results are usually obtained during the autumn or spring when the temperatures are cool. A second coat of sealant can be applied after the first coat as long as it is not sticky. Sealing should take place every three years.

By installing a concrete patio, you will save the lumber used for a deck and obtain a better value for your money. Concrete can be stamped, stencilled, engraved, or textured to resemble costlier brick pavers or stone materials.

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