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Sunday , January 21 2018
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How to Effectively Prevent Damp Rot from Destroying your Property

If you live in the UK, you will already be familiar with dampness. One cannot get away from the cold, moist air, and we must not only provide our bodies with adequate protection, but also our homes. The wind, rain and sun all do their best to erode your property, but these enemies are easily dealt with, a good paint and roofing solution will ensure the structure remains sound.

The Foundations

Like anything else, the foundations of a building are the essential building blocks to support the structure, and damp is always a concern. Many companies now advertisedamp rot treatments in Peterborough online, and with something as potentially damaging as damp rot, you really can’t afford to let damp get control of your home, which is a major asset, after all.

The Climate

If you look at the geographical location of the British Isles, it is easy to understand why we have such damp and miserable weather, and while we might be accustomed to such a climate, our homes are exposed to the dampness within the air, and this typically attacks from below ground level. Older properties are particularly susceptible to damp issues, as the essential damp proofing layer that was placed just above ground level erodes and eventually the break is compromised.

Professional Guidance

Owning a property comes with responsibilities and with nature being what it is, one must ensure that the structure is adequately damp proofed, and if you do not know a company that can do this, a simple online search will reveal the whereabouts of the right outfit. The Internet will surely beyour saviour if you need to quickly find a solution to any of damp issues.

Wet Rot

This is the number one cause of timber decay in British homes and commercial properties, especially in older buildings that did not have the technology to prevent rot, and if you have recently purchased such a property, it makes sense to have the building surveyed by qualified people.

Dry Rot

Another enemy of the homeowner, dry rot is not in any way dry, as the name implies, in fact, it is a fungus growth that is a result of dampness. Sometimes it is not evident, and if the problem is not addressed, serious damage can occur. To deal with dry rot, the timber or plaster must first be removed and then a special chemical is injected into the walls, killing the remaining fungus. This treatment is crucial, otherwise the structure will begin to be attacked from the inside, and once the fungus gets hold, the problem has escalated to a whole new level.

There are companies that have an easy to navigate website and if ever you need damp proofing services, an online search will point you in the right direction.

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