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Sunday , December 17 2017
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Hotel Furniture Buying Guide

There are many areas in a hotel that require the addition and use of good quality, attractive, and hard wearing furniture. Lobbies, hallways, bars, and restaurant areas require seating and tables, and the frequent use and high traffic of these areas means that quality and durability are among the most important of all features when shopping for contract furniture to use in restaurants. Looks do matter, and your guests will expect decent quality, functional furniture, making the contract furniture buying process an important one for your business.

Hotel furniture tends to endure rough treatment, whether it is the furniture in guest rooms or even in the lobby. With so many people getting up and down off the seating, many of them wearing wet clothing after they have come in, the furniture that you choose for these areas needs to be durable and able to withstand regular and heavy use. Consider the material that you choose in these kinds of area, because if you choose a material that won’t withstand the wet or damp, then you could find that the furniture becomes expensively damaged in no time.

You also need to consider the style and shape of the furniture. You can have bespoke sizes and dimensions created, to some extent, but with seating and tables, you don’t want sizes that are too out of the ordinary. Seats become uncomfortable and tables unusable if they are too large or too small, so you may be better served by opting for something that is a reasonably standard size.


Banquette seating and bench seating enable multiple to sit in a relatively small space, and they are often preferred in restaurants, cafes, and bars, for this very reason. You can fill the seating area with high quality furniture, ensure that you offer plenty of room to patrons, while also ensuring that you make the most of the space that you have available. Again, there is a good selection of materials, fabrics, and colours for you to choose from, so that you can be sure of finding the seating design that best matches your hotel.

You can even buy contract furniture for hallways and for the guest rooms. Modular furniture can prove especially beneficial in these instances, because it enables you to separate each chair unit and place them where required, while also allowing you to combine units when you need a larger suite. Bright colours can be used to bring colour and character to rooms, while neutral colours mean that you will be able to move the furniture to another location and still enjoy the same great looks and high quality.

Contract furniture should be affordable and functional, but it should also be durable and attractive to make sure that you enjoy the greatest use. Choose furniture for the reception or lobby area, for the hallways and other communal areas, and even for the restaurant, bar, and other dining and drinking areas. Ensure that you choose furniture that will withstand regular and heavy use, and that the material is designed for use in a particular atmosphere, especially if it will be used near a swimming pool, or by an entrance where it might get wet.

Atlas Contract Furniture can supply banquette, bench, and a variety of other seating styles that are ideal for use in hotels, including in lobby and dining areas, hallways and communal areas, and even in guest rooms.

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