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Sunday , February 25 2018
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Good news for the home purchasers

Infrastructure projects which will influence the price of properties

Not only is the price of properties but also employment opportunities will increase in India. The employment opportunity will be raised by DLF and Unitech One. The next one is the Vizag in Andhra Pradesh. Vizag is regarded as the commercial hub of the state. This city is boosting Information Technology industry as well as infrastructure too. There is a rapid growth in Vizag in real estate business since few years which has drawn the attention of the prospective investors of real estate. Apart from Vizag and Delhi, Bhubaneswar and its twin city Cuttack is also fast in growth of infrastructure as well as IT industry. Tamil Nadu is also rising up with infrastructure facility in the towns. Moving on to Ahmadabad, Gujarat’s trading hub, it is also creating employment opportunities in industries like textile, automobile and etc. Therefore, it is a huge opportunity for the real estate investors to look out for properties in these sparkling areas a great deal.

New developments in Indian Market

India has been listed as developing country and the states in India are giving space to new developments, mostly in the northern and southern areas. Not only huge buildings but also duplex and bungalows are being built each day. The properties in India are being traded each day on huge demand. The investors are looking forward for opportunities to invest and crack the best deal. The construction of connecting metro rails and rapid transit system from one locality to other has also become one of the reasons for the real estate market development.

Deal in real estate in recent years- good time for dealers

Whether it is the seller or the buyer, both of them are going to profit from the deal. In the case of investors, they will get a property in posh area, well developed market, educative society, and good infrastructure at valuable price. In case of the seller, they will get fancy sum when they sell properties in such areas. Also the agencies which are hired to crack the deal will benefit from both the parties. Thus, it is a good time for multilogement a vendre (multiple unit buy) too. In future, the price of properties will see a new era because of the new developments which are taking place each day. As share prices, there is no perfect formula for calculating the accurate value of each property. It will depend on the surroundings, the market value, type of area, market sentiments, and type of property- duplex building, no. of flats, rooms, services to be added with the property and the projects which makes the area valuable for buying. Thus, it is evident that the recent developments will lead to rise in price of the properties in India.

As per the surveys conducted and reports which have been generated, it is advisable to the investors that it is a good time to invest in the properties which you had planned to buy.

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