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Sunday , January 21 2018
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Glazing Solutions for the Modern Home

Glass has long been used in the construction of buildings, providing window space that gives both visibility and light, yet in the past few years, glass has played a part in various types of home improvements. Glass balustrades have really become popular, and they make excellent pool fencing, and are an attractive addition to any terraced area.

Visibility and Safety

Glass balustrades can offer you complete visibility, and with toughened glass as standard, you do not have to compromise on safety. Many terraces are combined with bi fold aluminium doors that lead out from the living room, making it an ideal place to spend your time.


After a few decades of replacement windows and doors, homeowners looked for ways to extend the property and still be in keeping with the home, and that saw the birth of the aluminium conservatory. These are made to measure structures that incorporate double glazed units with aluminium frames, and any style can be replicated, with a variety of opening styles and aluminium finishes. UPVC is also a popular choice, as it gives a non-corrosive finish that lasts for many years. Modern conservatories might include frameless sheets of tinted glass that provides essential shading and insulation, and with bi fold aluminium doors, the area can be really opened up to become part of the garden.

Pool and Terrace Fencing

It is essential to have fencing around a swimming pool, and frameless glass is the ideal choice, as it allows you to see the pool area. There are online companies that can tailor frameless or semi-framed glass fencing panels to create the ideal screening.

Double Doors

The traditional single front and back door is being replaced by sliding aluminium units that offer greater access and also allow more light into the home. A common practice is to use aluminium and glazed units to create a small porch that increases the living area, and this space is ideal to keep footwear and winter clothing. Any reputable aluminium door supplier would be able to design, manufacture and install the perfect porch, which will add value to the property.

Sky Roof Solutions

These are a recent addition to the home improvement market and it involves a motorised unit that can open or close the glass roof, allowing you to really take advantage of those rare perfect summer days. Tailored solutions mean the roof will fit perfectly, and with additional side units or perhaps roller blinds, you can make the area usable all year round.


Many home owners who build a single story extension onto the property, opt for a roof garden, and with frameless glass balustrades, your view is not compromised in the slightest. The screening is easy to clean and requires zero maintenance, and this is perhaps the reason why glass is such a popular material in modern construction.

If you like the clean look of glass, consider having some sliding patio doors installed, which will bring your garden and living room into a unique alliance, and your new alfresco dining area will be the envy of all your neighbours.

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