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Sunday , December 17 2017
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Getting your hands off the hot tub-Points to look out

A hot tub has almost taken a place in the shopping list for everyone, particularly if you are in the cold countries and we all know hot tub is used for hydrotherapy, recreation activities etc. Just like any other equipment that loses its utility over the period of time, hot tubs do come with the expiry date.

We do understand that you really vouched yourself to spend quality time in the hot tub .You felt the word Jacuzzi to be so pleasant though your work schedule is too possessive on you to have your relaxing time. Now how to remove a hot tub is the question you are looking for and we do have the answer for that.

Sell it away

Hot tubs are in the price range of 5000 to 15000 dollars and if you are decided to have some returns on the investment apart from the good time spent, consider selling it online. While it is always easy to find someone who needs it, the real effort lies in selling at good price. Hot tub demands care and maintenance and it doesn’t come free .Knowing how to remove a hot tub will actually reduce the cost and you can have a tight control over the budget. So you can even consider the option of selling it free and by this you can ensure that you are getting rid of it as soon as possible.

Cut off the electrical supply

The hot tub comprises of electrical fittings with power jest and hoses. In case, if you have decided to get rid of it for good, switching off the power is mandatorily needed. This would avoid the contact of touching the live wire. Also extra care must be taken if the hot tub is indoor one, fitted to the wall as the wires through the wall are always invisible.

Drain the water

Of course, as simple as that. No matter where your hot tub is positioned it is mandatory that you drain water. Long storage of unused water calls for lot of menace including mosquitoes and the foul smell. Draining the water from the indoor hot tub can be little tricky depending on the volume of water. If the volume is more you use a hose to suck the water inside and draining outside the home like garden or any other let out sinks.

Demolishing it

Demolishing the tub can sound quacky but it works. You would need lot of physical strength and of course all the equipments like saw, screw driver, hammer etc. Thicker the body of the tub tougher is the job. Be sure that you don’t damage the wall or the floor in the pretext of removing a hot tub.

If you don’t want to go through all this “not so cool” experience, we have an option .Just hire the professionals who clear the stuffs. They come with the right workmanship and equipments unlike us and it will take very less time and effort given their job nature.

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