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Sunday , December 17 2017
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Ensure these important things are near your future home

Whenever a person moves ahead to look for the future home, he usually looks at the potential sales price of home or its interior and exterior structures. However, homeowners often commit a big mistake i.e. they fail to ensure that the following are near their to-be house. These include the following-


If you have school going children in your home, you should essentially consider searching those apartments in Bangalore, Pune, Navi Mumbai and other cities which have many schools. Even if you do not have children in your home, you should consider this factor, as it will help you a lot at the time when you put your house on sale in the real estate market. Parents always want the kids to study in a reputed school and that could increase the price of houses in such areas. Even though you may have to pay a high amount for buying any home nearby good schools, you will get a good value in future.

Hospitals and Clinics

Whether you look for a 1BHK, 2BHK or 3BHK flats or apartments in any area, you should make sure that your home remains at a close proximity to clinics and hospitals. You should always keep in mind that health issues(even complications) can occur at any time. In this situation, if your home isnear a clinic or a hospital, you would get immediate treatment.

Gardens and Greenery

Every individual should keep in mind that their potential home should be surrounded with trees and gardens. This has a significant influence not only on the present homebuyer, but also on any future homebuyer.

Altitude of the area

Topography acts as a significant factor to consider. Ideally, any house should be at a higher elevation to be assured about good drainage. If the house forms a part of low-lying area, you may experiencefrequent water logging in the area.

Police stations

Any good house which is easily available and at low price might sometimes indicate that it belongs to the high crime area. So, before you get involved in the home-buying process, you should make sure to check the statistics of criminal activities in the neighborhood and whether there’s any police station nearby.

Sidewalks Facility

People usually prefer to walk to nearby places, such as a park. Hence, one should check for the availability of sidewalks in neighborhood. Today, a large number of housing developments are providing an additional benefit of sidewalks to homeowners. These sidewalks encourage individuals to walk around during the spare time and boost their overall health.


Although, you have the necessary negotiating skills, when you go to pay the exact market value for your potential home, you should think of the above factors primarily. In this case, you should consider the ways, by which you may add value to the home. If you find variations in the market conditions and you have to sell, you should make sure that you recoup the investment made as soon as possible.

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