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Sunday , January 21 2018
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Effective Tips for Rat Control

Rats and other rodents cause billions of pounds worth of damage to properties all over the country. These tiny rodents enter houses through small crevices and gaps in between the walls. They also access places through the sewers and drain pipes and it’s tremendously difficult to control them. Rats spread disease, can cause widespread damage by biting through wires and other components, and, worst of all, can also bite humans. The bubonic plague, by far the worst plague to have affected Europe, was brought by rats. As you can imagine, the destructive power of these tiny rodents, especially in large groups, is virtually endless.

In most houses and conventional spaces, people use traps and poison to deter rats. The simplest way is to set up a trap and put a common food inside. When the rat enters the trap to eat it, it will be captured inside. Poisons is contained in small pills that are scented to resemble common food items and are used to attract the rats. A few minutes after eating the pill, the rat dies. Now, while these methods are still fairly standard, they are inhumane to say the least. Putting out poisonous pills around the property is not a wise idea at all because other animals can eat them too. It just leads to unnecessary suffering for no reason and there are much better ways of controlling a rat infestation.

Use a Rat Deterrent Mat

It might surprise you to know that one of the most effective ways of dealing with rats is to use a rat deterrent mat. Developed by, the mat can be placed in places that can be reached easily by rats such as beneath cars, in industrial spaces, or in warehouses. All you have to do is place the rat deterrent mat in an open area and let it do the rest. The mat will automatically repel rats and create an effective rodent-free environment. All you have to do is place the mat on the floor and plug it into a socket. It’s easily available through the company’s website and you can order as many as you like. The mats are perfect for placing under your car in the garage or in the living room and other open spaces.

Avoid Leaving Crumbs on the Floor

One of the simplest ways to avoid a rat infestation in the house is to cut off their food supply. Rats feed off of crumbs and other food items that most people leave on their floors. Once they gain access to your house, they start multiplying very quickly. All you have to do is to ensure that you avoid throwing food items on the floor and, in case you do, clean up properly. Also, make sure that you wash all of the plates and bowls after you are done eating. Rats are generally attracted to the scent of leftovers, which is why the kitchen is the first place in the house that they target.

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