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Sunday , January 21 2018
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Don’t Put Dated Furniture in Your New Condo

You’ve finally done it – you just purchased your new condo. All the paperwork is signed and the keys are in your hand. Now what? Now comes the fun part – you get to move in! But with that can come some new bumps in the road. You never really gave a thought to how your old furniture was going to look in your new digs. Talk about how to make something new and shiny look old and dingy!

For that reason, now is the perfect time to update. Not everything, but adding a few pieces to your new place will give it some pizzazz, sophistication, an element of style. Consider leather furniture to update your tired old furnishings and enhance your new space – leather is soft and durable, and the material will outlast anything else you can buy. There are lots of great outlets who design and sell pieces just for smaller spaces that condos usually have – for a good example of what’s on offer, check out these modern sofas for your condo from The Chesterfield Shop. And don’t worry: the old cliché that leather furniture is cold is a misconception. It will adjust to your body temperature in just twelve seconds, and nothing breathes more naturally.

A new piece of furniture will make you feel good. After a busy day at work you just want to come home and relax. Doing so on modern leather furniture will put a smile on your face. Just one piece can make your new condo feel like you’ve redone the whole place. Sinking into the new soft contours will wash away your day’s worries and brighten your mood considerably. Want to feel even better about the new addition to your condo? “Green” furniture will take away some of the potentialguilt that comes with making a new signature purchase. Responsible manufacturers, like The Chesterfield Shop in the Greater Toronto Area, use BioPlush for their seating. It’s a foam replacement made from soybeans that helps to reduce the use of fossil fuels in creating furniture. With all the eco-friendly aspects that come with moving into a new, high-density condo, you can now have the eco-friendly furniture to go with it.

When shopping for your new leather furniture, keep in mind that quality comes with experience. Finding a store that is well established and specializes in leather is a must. A place that has been in business since the 1948, like The Chesterfield Shop has, is your best bet to get a piece of furniture that will last much longer than anything else. They know leather inside and out, and their experienced staff can help you get the perfect piece. The only way to stay in business for so long is to make a habit of satisfying your customers!

Do your new place a favor. Incorporate some modern leather furniture to add a sense of flair, imagination, and style. Your new condo will thank you for it. And you will enjoy it even more.

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