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Sunday , February 25 2018
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Domestic Access Solutions for the Disabled

Many disabled people who live a single life are enjoying an unprecedented level of independence, thanks to modern domestic hoists and lifts, which can be tailored to fit any property. A vast majority of disabled or elderly people who live in a two storey home, have reluctantly had to alter their living arrangements to include all the necessary amenities are on the ground floor, leaving the upstairs vacant. This is something that can now be overcome, and with the right supplier, you can regain your independence and have total access to your home.

Stair Lifts

Modern stair lifts are self-operated and with customised designs, even curves staircases can be accommodated. The silent motor and smooth operation make for a safe and convenient way to get from the ground floor to the upstairs and vice versa. If you live in the UK, and are interested in having your home adapted for better mobility, you really should contact Domestic Lift Services Ltd, who are the market leaders in the supply and installation of high quality lifts and hoists.

Vertical Lifts

If the staircase is particularly long or winding, it might be a better solution to construct a vertical lift. This is done by selecting the right location and removing the floor of the first storey, then inserting the vertical lift framework. The system is both safe and convenient, and with remote control operation, you don’t lose your independence.

Bedroom Hoists

It can be very difficult to move bedridden people from one room to another, but with a vertical hoist attached to the ceiling, it is easy to lift a person and swivel the hoist out to the position where they can be lowered into a wheelchair.

Shower Hoists

This is one area where safety could be compromised for an elderly or handicapped person, and the right design of hoist will allow the person to easily be moved from one position to another. These units have long been used in hospitals and old people’s homes, and now they are available for domestic use.

Customised Solutions

If a person wishes to adapt their home to accommodate a disabled or elderly person, the supplier would ideally meet you at the property and do a comprehensive survey. Then, after some consultation with you, they would begin to design a system that will allow for total access to any part of the home. Your needs would be paramount and would determine the extent of the adaptation, and when the company have given you a quote, if it is agreeable, they can begin the work whenever it is convenient.

Being disabled doesn’t have to mean you are confined in any way, and modern domestic lifts and hoists can allow you to lead a normal independent life. If you would like to know more about the possibilities, an online search would locate the perfect company, one that can really make a difference and give you back your independence.

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