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Sunday , February 25 2018
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Do New Windows Make a Difference? In a Word: Yes!

If you want to start an important conversation that could take a serious turn the next time that you’re in a group of friends, ask if new windows really make a difference. One of the first reactions you’ll get will be in the form of a question, “What do you mean by ‘difference’?”

Your response should be that you’re trying to determine if investing in new windows for your current home will make living there more comfortable and save you money on your energy costs. But if you’re wise, you’ll be prepared with some reliable and accurate information that will answer your own question if it comes to that. Replacing your older windows with energy-efficient products is a very effective way to save money and be more comfortable.

Back up Your Statement

One study has shown that windows designed and installed for the purpose of saving on energy costs and making the home more comfortable did reduce energy bills by about 12% with no other changes made. How does that happen? Think of it in terms of air leaks, either cold air coming in through gaps around windows during winter or warm air coming in during summer when you’re trying to keep the interior cool.

If you experience drafts around windows that fit loosely because of age, you can make a significant difference when you purchase and install new uPVC or aluminium windows. The key to success involves the frames and the panes of glass. Manufacturers now use materials with a better insulating value to make frames. In addition, these frames are constructed to much tighter tolerances than the old wood frame windows still used in many homes.

You will also benefit from double-glazed or even triple-glazed windows. These terms mean that there are two panes of glass, or three, firmly fitted in each frame. The panes have an airtight space between them to provide even better insulation. When you make this investment, you’ll almost completely eliminate the temperature differences that you experience with older windows. You won’t see the condensation from moisture on your new windows either.

Value, Appearance

You may be convinced of the practical value of installing new windows in Harrow but you may also be interested in how new windows affect the look of your home and the value of the property. When you talk with a windows expert from one of the leading suppliers in your area, you’ll learn that these energy-efficient designs are available in several styles, one of which is sure to enhance the look of your home. You’ll also find that new windows will be one of the first things that people will notice if they are viewing your home with the idea of buying it.

When you shop, ask about bay windows for a classic look that allows plenty of light into the interior. You may also want to consider casement windows in a range of styles, Oriel windows for the traditional appearance, or a vertical sliding design with state-of-the-art materials to provide energy-saving benefits. Take some time to learn more and then make the smart choice of new, energy-efficient windows.

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