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Sunday , December 17 2017
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Change Your Lobby Design With Modular Furniture

A hotel lobby needs to provide comfort and a welcoming design, while also being functional and utilising hardwearing and durable furniture and other items. Modular furniture can help you to meet many of the requirements of these furniture types, enabling you to create an appealing design and also ensuring that you can make the most of the space that you have available. Even if you have a uniquely shaped area, and would otherwise struggle to find the furniture to match, the benefit of modular furniture is that it offers completely flexible design.

Corner pieces, seating pieces, and end pieces make up the basic elements of modular furniture sets. Seating pieces are normally just the right size for one person to sit on, and do not have arms or other constraints. Corner pieces are square, and can be used to create a corner sofa or to create other unique layouts. You can create booth style seating by using two, or even three corner units, and a number of seating pieces. End pieces have one arm unit, on either side, although you don’t have to use end pieces, especially if you are creating booth style seating around a table – the end piece arm may restrict movement and make it difficult for your customers to get in and out. Lounger units are also available, which include a foot support, but these are more commonly used in homes and guest rooms than in hotel lobbies and reception areas.

Modular furniture enables you to create the design you want, and this means that you can buy any combination and any number of seating, corner, and end units to create a customised layout. This also means that you can buy additional pieces, which could prove useful if you need extra seating in the future or for one off occasions. Alternatively, you can buy spare seating units to replace any that might become damaged. Hotel lobbies tend to have a lot of traffic, and this means that seating can become worn. As well as making sure that you buy good quality and durable furniture, you can buy space pieces so that you can more easily replace any that become damaged over time.

Modular furniture pieces are typically made using single colour fabric, but you can mix and match colours as you create your design. If your hotel uses green and blue colours for its branding and for its décor, then you can combine green and blue seating units for your lobby furniture. Alternatively, you can choose a single colour and then reuse the furniture even if you choose to redecorate the walls.

Modular furniture has many possible uses, other than as convenient furniture for hotel lobbies and receptions. It can be used in bedrooms, in communal areas, and it can also be used in the bar or restaurant area. The great beauty of modular designs is that they can be combined to create the design, layout, and the effect that you want most.

Modulus Seating has a large selection of modular seating designs, can provide a range of colours and styles, and offers pieces to hotels and other commercial businesses as well as to residential customers.

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