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Sunday , February 25 2018
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Call on an Expert for Boiler Installation

Not just anyone is capable of providing quality boiler installation at a cost-effective price and one mistake may result in a serious problem for you and other residents. To protect your health and save time, the best thing that you can do for yourself is to simply call on a professional with the experience and reputation to help you get the job done right. That said, there are a number of indications that may help you to determine whether today is the day that you replace your outdated boiler for something better and more energy efficient.


You may have an extremely dangerous problem on your hands if you come into your home to find or at any time discover the scent of sulphur inside the home, which is an unmistakeable smell similar to that of soured eggs. This is a smell artificially infused into the carbon monoxide produced by your boiler and any faint scent of this odour is a clear indication of the gas’s presence in your home. If you do smell this odour, you must immediately remove yourself and any other residents from the home and then call on a professional gas engineer in West London to help you get the job of repairs or replacement done.


Imagine for a moment the last time that you witnessed a car begin emitting an odd noise and then some time later experiencing a breakdown due to the source of the noise, a broken car part. Similar to this, your boiler may begin to make odd sounds when in use such as clanking, rattling, squealing, or any other noise that you find unusual. This may be due to a number of things that range in severity and cost for repair, making it important that you call on a reputable professional so that you receive a fair quote on the best option for the situation.

Energy Cost

As boilers lose their efficiency over time, they must begin to work harder and harder to perform the same duties and to keep your home supplied with heat. That said, an outdated and dying boiler will begin to cause a number of subtle problems that may negatively affect your quality of life, such as bringing up your monthly energy bills. The cost to keep your home comfortable for others to live in should not leave your wallet empty from one month to the next and a new and improved model may yet help you to save hundreds of pounds a year.

It may also turn out that your boiler is not beyond repair but that the repairs are not costly enough to make replacement the better option. The average boiler may last 15 years, give or take a few due to maintenance and other factors, and this is long enough for new technology to be available and ready to help you save money. If you know for a fact that more than a decade has passed since the last time that you had a professional install your boiler, it may yet be time for you to start considering your options for the near future.

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