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Sunday , January 21 2018
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Antique ceiling fan styles

Antique is term which refers to something old and by old it means really old not just 20-50 years. When antique is used it refers to ages at least a century old. Anything which is antique is of that era and that particular thing is really valuable because first of all it is old and a reminiscence of that era, secondly most of the things of the older era depict the culture and thinking of that era which helps the human to know and analyse more about our ancestors, their thought process, their way of life among other things.

The antiques are very valuable and very aesthetic to the eyes. It is considered good to have an antique look to your house. There are many option by which you can give the house an antique décor. Even interior decorators have many options in interior decoration for customers who opt for antique look for their homes. One important device in the room that can’t be gotten rid of is the fan followed by the lighting but in case of lighting there are many or we can say countless option to go for antique looking pieces of lighting. Chandeliers are the easiest way available where one can go for the antique look in terms of lighting. Not only they provide good light but also a very classy and antique look to the room. In terms of fan well it is not so easy. People who really know about fans can make the right decision otherwise it doesn’t take time in going haywire. Buy fans online on

The fans do come in antique style. These antique fan styles show the rich culture of the antique fans. wherever they are put up not only they provide good airflow but also give a feeling of luxury. The fans which are inherited from the ancestors which are really old are known by different names like real antiques or master antique fans but there are fans which are available in the market which show the antique styles but unlike the fan of older era are really strong and at the same time really light and very much more power efficient. The antique styles are as follows:

  • Victorian style fan: Victorian style fans are the fans which are fancy in their design and have ornate carvings on their body as well as blades. These are the fans which were used by the higher classes and thus their designs depict the luxury of that time. The high class Victorian style fans were designed with zinc which allowed then to be light and be easily carved upon. Most of them of either bronze, brass or the wood finish.
  • Mid-century style: The mid-century style is comparatively new as compared to the other styles and in this style the cultural outlook is moreover of the newer fans than antique. These included experimental designs of two blades with wood finish, more than 3 blades or blades oriented at weird angles to give it different look. These fans were strong and heavy but the ones being designed on their style is still strong but really light. Mid-century is not that famous style.
  • Chandelier style: This is another type of style of the fan which gives a luxurious feeling not because of the design of the fan but because of the design of the lighting unit. It has chandelier sort design of the lighting unit and this gives it a really awesome look and these fans are one of the most luxurious looking fans and they give the option of both lighting and cooling and booth with an antique look at the same time.

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