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Sunday , January 21 2018
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Kitchen Renovation

6 Most Commonly Used Colours for Kitchen Renovation

Thinking of a kitchen remodel? The best way to give a new look to your kitchen is by painting it all over again.

The market has a wide variety of colours that you can choose from. Designers are of the view that earthier and neutral colours are the best and the most preferable kitchen colours. They fulfill many functions like they reflecting light and coordinating with kitchen cabinets.

It is also believed that colours like blue and green do not promote hunger, instead suppresses hunger. Thus, designers say that these colours don’t work well in kitchens until you have a completely different dining area.

However, there are umpteen number of colours to choose for your kitchen. If you are bored of the mundane look that you kitchen has, you can try choosing from the list of colours given below.

Neutral Colours

Neutral colours like beige are the most commonly used in the kitchens. However, there are people who find neutral colours boring. If you are one of them, you can equate them with colours like red, blue, green etc. A combination of both of these gives a new dimension to your kitchen.

nature kitchin

Compac Beige Zement quartz


The serenity of white can be a charming colour for your kitchen walls and cabinets. If white is not the color of your choice then you may pair white with coloured kitchen cabinets. Kitchens dressed in white have a warm and inviting appeal.



Silestone Blanco Zeus Extreme quartz


Grey is the most sophisticated neutral colour in the market today.  If you are the one who thinks that grey is the dullest colour to be used in the kitchen, then you are absolutely wrong. Warm and deep grey ushers elegance and style to your kitchen. To experience the most of grey, you must install cabinets with textured finishes and patterns.


Caesarstone 5133 Symphony Grey quartz

Purples and violets

Every interior designer has colour shades like purple and violet in their list on the top. Shades of purple and violet look stunning and gorgeous. You can blend purple with stainless steel products to give your kitchen a rich and worldly look.

Also, you must remember that the surrounding décor must match with the other interiors.


Breccia Violetta marble


A funky splash of orange in your kitchen will keep you engrossed. Orange is the bright colour that looks brilliant when its correct shade is blended with neutral colours even if it is not used alone. Just like purple, orange too needs the correct blend. You may opt for orange backdrop and white cabinets or vice versa to give your kitchen the unique look.


Golden Onyx


Yes, black is the colour that comes to the mind first when thinking about kitchen cabinets. With a backdrop of white, you may install black coloured cabinets. It is the most glossy and classic choice that will create a stylish look. The black kitchen cabinets are an optimal choice to give your kitchen a contemporary look. When combined with red, the combination will bound to leave you astonished.


Absolute Black granite (worktops by MKW Surfaces)

Having read the above choices of colours for your kitchen renovation, you can decide which colour suits you and your kitchen best.

You can share your views below. We will be happy to hear from you!

Modern kitchens often use contrasting colours to accentuate the design of the kitchen. When designing your modern kitchen it is recommended to try a variation of colour options using dark and light tones. Modern kitchen cabinets have sleek design and sharp edges and often have a different colour then the countertops. Dark countertops usually feature light cabinets, while light or white countertops boast dark cabinetry. The colours used in a kitchen often contributes to the kitchen design and the ideas generated for the kitchen design. Working with a kitchen designer can help choose the perfect colour for your kitchen and its future style.

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