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Sunday , February 25 2018
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3 Reasons Your Hot Tub Is Foamy

There’s nothing more relaxing at the end of a long day than an escape to your own personal hot tub in the privacy of your backyard. Most hot tub owners are pleased with their purchase and enjoy the many benefits that a hot tub has to offer in the way of muscle relaxation, stress relief and entertainment, however, a hot tub is still an investment, and like any good investment, it requires regular maintenance and upkeep to keep it in tip-top shape.

A common frustration that many hot tub owners may come across is the development of foam on the surface of the water. Seeing foam bubbles settle can take the excitement out of a much-anticipated soak. So why does the foam appear to begin with, and what can you do to combat foam once and for all?

Hygiene Products

The formation of foam is due to a foreign substance in the hot tub waters at it reacts with the spa’s chemicals. Determining which foreign substance is causing the reaction can be a little tricky. Many beauty and hygiene products may be to blame for the unsightly bubbles. Typical offenders many include body lotion, hair spray, shampoo, conditioner, makeup, and even laundry detergents or softener. This is why it’s so important to rinse off in the shower before entering your hot tub and encourage your guests to do the same.

Dead Skin Cells and Dirty Suits

Another cause for hot tub foam is a bit more off-putting. Dead skin cells or less than clean swimming suits can add to the build up in the water and cause a filmy foam to form. Again, cleanliness is crucial to maintaining good water quality within your hot tub. Kids should be encouraged to only enter the hot tub if they have showered first and are certain that their swimwear has been washed recently before entering.

Sub-Par Products

Sometimes hot tub foam is due to poor quality hot tub products. While it’s tempting to choose the least expensive chemicals in this spa chemicals guide for maintenance, remember that you invested in the long-term use of your hot tub and quality products are essential for keeping it running well while providing fresh, clean water to enjoy.

The proper care of your hot tub will be worth the effort as you enjoy many years of romantic, restful and fun moments in warm, clean water whenever you use it, so make sure to strive for cleanliness and quality products each and every time.

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